Watch the Original Cast of Hamilton Reflect on the #Hamilfilm

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Hamilton ReactionsIt’s been an unforgettable journey. #Hamilfilm

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Leslie Odom Jr., Joshua Henry and Derrick Baskin Discuss Self-Worth & More

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With global protests calling for justice and racial equality, Black Broadway artists are using their voices to promote change. In an effort to keep the conversation growing, invited Aladdin star Michael James Scott to moderate roundtable discussions on's #LiveatFive. This week Scott was joined by Tony winner Leslie Odom Jr. and Tony nominees Joshua Henry and Derrick Baskin to discuss what its like to be a leading Black man on Broadway.

Odom Jr., who won a Tony Award for originating the role of Aaron Burr in Hamilton, shares how he connects work with his personal life. "I believe that the issues we're working on in our work, we're also working on in our lives," he said. "Things like vulnerability or courage or ferocity. If you want to bring those things to your work, bring them to your life and vice versa. Falling in love and having children affect your work so profoundly because they affect your life. Working on Hamilton, I’ve never been more honest in my work. I had no choice but to be more honest in my life. I was showing up in my relationships and being more honest saying, 'This is who I am …

Odds & Ends: Andrew Lloyd Webber Participates in Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Trial & More

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Andrew Lloyd-Webber is honored with a special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Here's a quick roundup of stories you might have missed recently.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber Receives Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine
Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is dedicated to reopening theaters safely in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. He took to Twitter on August 12 to share that he would be participating in an experimental vaccine trial on August 13: "I'll do anything to prove that theaters can re-open safely," he said. As previously reported, Lloyd Webber has been running a series of reopening tests at the London Palladium since early July. On July 23, a socially distanced audience witnessed a live performance from Olivier nominee and Cinderella movie-bound star Beverley Knight at the venue.

Watch Tim Minchin Discuss His New TV Show & Album
Tim Minchin, who earned Tony nominations for scoring the Broadway musical adaptations of Matilda and Groundhog Day, appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on August 12 to talk about his Sundance Now series Upright as well as his new album Apart Together. "I've been writing songs for 35 years, and I've finally put down a studio record," he said. Watch the full interview below, and get ready for Apart Together's release on November …

Watch Now: Sara Bareilles Talks Little Voice & Performs Title Song

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Sara BareillesJames Corden connects with Sara Bareilles and asks her about the experience of making "Little Voice" for Apple TV+, and Sara shares a performance of the titular song.

She talks about how producer J.J. Abrams is a fan of the Broadway show Waitress, and how they linked up to work on this new television project.

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Tony winner Santino Fontana talks about the Guild Hall benefit and more with Beth Stevens.

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