Les Misérables - West End - July 9, 2012

Gerónimo Rauch (Valjean), Tam Mutu (Javert), Sierra Boggess (Fantine), Jonny Purchase (u/s Marius), Danielle Hope (Éponine), Samantha Dorsey (Cosette), Liam Tamne (Enjolras), Cameron Blakely (Thénardier), Katy Secombe (temp. Mme T), Tommy Rodger (Gavroche), Isabelle Methven (Little Cosette) Adam Linstead (Grantaire), Bishop of Digne/Grantaire - Adam Linstead, Gavroche - Tommy Rodger, Little Cosette - Isabelle Methven, Combeferre - Robert Vickers, Feuilly - Oliver Savile, Courfeyrac - Chris Holland, Joly - James Charlton (as far as I recall) *, Lesgles - Michael Storrs, Jean Prouvaire - Dayle Hodge, Montparnasse - Andy Coxon, Brujon - Shaun Dalton, Babet - Carl Mullaney, claquesous - George Miller (as far as I recall) *, Factory Foreman - Shaun Dalton, Factory Girl - Gemma O'Duffy, Factory Workers - AJ Callaghan, Andy Coxon, Carl Mullaney, Bamatabois - Carl Mullaney, Madame - SWING *, Old Woman - AJ Callaghan, Crone - Mary Cormack, Sarah Boulton, Sarah Lark, Gemma O'Duffy, Helen Owen, P
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