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21 Chump Street (1)

21 Chump Street - Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY - June 7, 2014 (Pro-Shot's master) video

CAST: Anthony Ramos (Justin Laboy), Lin-Manuel Miranda (Narrator), Lindsay Mendez (Naomi Rodriguez), Alex Boniello (Tevin/Boy/Cousin 1), Gerard Canonico (Derek/Cousin 2/Lawyer), Antwaun Holley (Andrew/Cousin 3/Police Officer)

NOTES: This is a proshot video of the entire 14-minute mini-musical "21 Chump Street", based on a true story, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Some copies include the entire "This American Life: One Night Only" event at BAM hosted by Ira Glass from which this mini-musical was an excerpt of.