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Back to the Future: The Musical (1)

Back to the Future: The Musical - Manchester Opera House - February, 2020 (2) (Marty_doc87's master) video

CAST: Olly Dobson (Marty McFly), Roger Bart (Dr. Emmett Brown), Hugh Coles (George McFly), Rosanna Hyland (Lorraine Baines-McFly), Cedric Neal (Goldie Wilson / Marvin Berry), Aidan Cutler (Biff Tannen), Courtney-Mae Briggs (Jennifer Parker), Mark Oxtoby (Gerald Strickland), Will Haswell (Dave McFly), Emma Lloyd (Linda McFly)

NOTES: Act 1 filmed on Feb. 25, 2020; Act 2 filmed on Feb. 27, 2020. Some heads in the way, but don't block too much of the stage. Video is HD but is a bit fuzzy, with dark parts (which can be often) it can be quite blocky. Occasional washout, but overall a good video. Edited by the master to be a widescreen video instead of a vertical cell phone video. Audio is OK for the setting.