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Cats - Commercial Release - August, 1997 (Pro-Shot's master) video

CAST: Elaine Paige (Grizabella), Jason Gardiner (Alonzo), Bryn Walters (Admetus/Macavity), Fergus Logan (Bill Bailey/Tumblebrutus), Rosemarie Ford (Bombalurina), James Barron (Bustopher Jones/Gus/Growltiger), Rebecca Parker (Cassandra), Tommi Sliiden (Coricopat), Aeva May (Demeter), Leah - Sue Morland (Electra), Susan Jane Tanner (Jellylorum), Veerle Casteleyn (Jemima), Susie McKenna (Jennyanydots), Jacob Brent (Mr. Mistoffelees), Drew Varley (Mungojerrie), Michael Gruber (Munkustrap), Ken Page (Old Deuteronomy), Jo Gibb (Rumpleteazer), John Partridge (Rum Tum Tugger), Geoffrey Garrat (Skimbleshanks), Kaye Brown (Tantomile), Phyllida Crowley-Smith (Victoria), Karl Morgan (Pouncival), Jo Bingham (Etcetera), Steven Wayne (George)

NOTES: Filmed on stage at the Adelphi Theatre (London, England) and distributed commercially.