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Dear Evan Hansen (2)

Dear Evan Hansen - Broadway - January, 2020 (StarCuffedJeans's master) video

CAST: Jordan Fisher (Evan Hansen), Jessica Phillips (Heidi Hansen), Gabrielle Carrubba (Zoe Murphy), Christiane Noll (Cynthia Murphy), Ivan Hernandez (Larry Murphy), Jared Goldsmith (Jared Kleinman), Phoebe Koyabe (Alana Beck), Dan Macke (t/r Connor Murphy)

NOTES: The video starts just after Anybody Have a Map

Dear Evan Hansen - Broadway - November, 2016 (Preview) (SunsetBlvd79's master)
FORMAT: VOB (with smalls) (SD)

CAST: Ben Platt (Evan Hansen), Rachel Bay Jones (Heidi Hansen), Laura Dreyfuss (Zoe Murphy), Jennifer Laura Thompson (Cynthia Murphy), Michael Park (Larry Murphy), Will Roland (Jared Kleinman), Kristolyn Lloyd (Alana Beck), Mike Faist (Connor Murphy)

NOTES: Excellent HD capture of the Broadway transfer. In the long journey to Broadway, the show still lives up to all it's hype and greatness. The cast gives amazing performances and leaves it all on the stage. A