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I just started in this trade thing. Please be kind c:

btw my website doesn't show any boots I own. Yet.

Emojiland (1)

Emojiland - Off-Broadway - January 16, 2020 (17fortrade's master) audio

CAST: Laura Schein (Smize), George Abud (Nerd Face), Jacob Dickey (Sunny), Lucas Steele (Skull), Lesli Margherita (Princess), Megan Kane (u/s Construction Worker), Felicia Boswell (Police Officer), Heather Makalani (Kissy Face / Information Desk Woman), Ann Harada (Pile of Poo), Max Crumm (Man in Business Suit Levitating), Dwelvan David (Guardsman), Jordan Fife Hunt (Man Dancing)