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Frozen (2)

Frozen - Broadway - February, 2020 (StarCuffedJeans's master) video

CAST: Ciara Renée (Elsa), McKenzie Kurtz (Anna), Anna Rae Haller (Young Elsa), Charlie Tassone (Young Anna), Ryann Redmond (Olaf), Noah J Ricketts (Kristoff), Adam Jepsen (Sven), Ryan McCartan (Hans), Kevin Del Aguila (Oaken), Robert Creighton (Weselton), Donald Jones Jr (Pabbie), Tracee Beazer (Bulda), Tyrone L Robinson (King Agnarr), Ann Sanders (Queen Iduna), Robin Masella (Head Handmaiden), Jacob Smith (Bishop), Anthony Sagaria, Austin Lesch, Bronwyn Tarboton, Cajai Fellows Johnson, Charissa Hogeland, Charlie Williams, Claire Camp, Ellen Marlow, Harris M Turner, Jacob Smith, Jake David Smith, Julius Anthony Rubio, Kate Bailey, Keely Beirne, Michael Fatica, Nina Lafarga, Spencer Clark

NOTES: n/a

Frozen - Broadway - January, 2020 (StarCuffedJeans's master) video

CAST: Alyssa Fox (s/b Elsa), Patti Murin (Anna), Suri Marrero (Young Elsa), Fiona Morgan Quinn (Young Anna), Chad Burris (t/r Olaf), Harris M Turner (u/s Kristoff), Andrew Pirozzi (Sven), Joe Carroll (Hans), Kevin Del Aguila (Oaken), Robert Creighton (Weselton), Jeff Pew (u/s Pabbie), Keely Beirne (Bulda), Tyrone L Robinson (King Agnarr), Alicia Albright (u/s Queen Iduna), Robin Masella (Head Handmaiden), Brian Steven Shaw (s/w Bishop)

NOTES: Stunning HD capture of Alyssa as Elsa, Chad’s temporary residence in the company and one of Harris’s first shows as Kristoff. Filmed from the left orchestra with a mix of wides, mediums, and many closeups.