Zagon 's Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Part One Collection

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Part One (1)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Part One - Broadway - May, 2019 (StarCuffedJeans's master)

CAST: James Snyder (Harry Potter), Matt Mueller (Ron Weasley), Jenny Jules (Hermione Granger), Diane Davis (Ginny Potter), Jonno Roberts (Draco Malfoy), Nicholas Podany (Albus Severus Potter), Bubba Weiler (Scorpius Malfoy), Nadia Brown (Rose Granger-Weasley/Young Hermione), Sara Farb (Delphi Diggory), Lauren Cipoletti (Moaning Myrtle/Lily Potter Sr.), Katherine Reis (Polly Chapman), Stephen Spinella (Vernon Dursley/Severus Snape/Lord Voldemort), Jonathan Gordon (Yann Fredericks), Fiona Reid (Petunia Dursley/Dolores Umbridge/Madam Hooch), Joey Labrasca (Dudley Dursley/Karl Jenkins/Viktor Krum), Jack Pravda (Young Harry Potter), Catherine Ashmore Bradley (Lily Luna Potter), Patrick du Laney (Station Master)

NOTES: Great HD of the Year Two Broadway cast starting with the infamously ridiculous toffee scene. This was taken from one of the boxes so there is railing obstruction on the right of the stage, however most of the main action occurs at center and is brilliantly captured.