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The Book of Mormon (1)

The Book of Mormon - Broadway - March 3, 2020 (Reverse-I_am_Organic's master)
FORMAT: MP3 (untracked) TRADER'S NOTES: 256 Kbps audio.

CAST: Dave Thomas Brown (Elder Price), Cody Jamison Strand (Elder Cunningham), Kim Exum (Nabulungi), Stephen Ashfield (Elder McKinley), Sterling Jarvis (Mafala Hatimbi), Lewis Cleale (Mission President), Derrick Williams (General), J Casey Barrett (Cunningham’s Dad), Donell James Foreman (Doctor), Lewis Cleale (Price's Dad), Lewis Cleale (Prices Dad/Joseph Smith/Mission President), Jasmin Richardson (Mrs Brown), John Eric Parker (Guard), Arbender Robinson (Guard), Amanda Felicia Foote, Ben Estus, Ben Laxton, Christian Delcroix, Darius Nichols, John J Kaczynski, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Matthew Marks, Shanel Bailey, Tallia Brinson

NOTES: during All American Prophet, Lewis Cleale’s mic didn’t turn on so for a few seconds it’s just the orchestra, includes partial pre show audio