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The Sound of Music (1)

The Sound of Music - North American Tour - October 4, 2016
FORMAT: VOB (with smalls) (SD)

CAST: Kerstin Anderson (Maria Rainer), Ben Davis (Captain Georg Von Trapp), Melody A Betts (The Mother Abbess), Teri Hansen (Elsa Schraeder), Merwin Foard (Max Detweiler), Paige Silvester (Liesel Von Trapp), Carey Rebecca Brown (Sister Berthe), Julia Osborne (Sister Margaretta), Anna Mintzer (Sister Sophia), Roy Gantz (Friedrich), Ashley Brooke (Louisa), Iris Davies (Brigitta), Austin Levine (Kurt), Kyla Davies (Marta), Anika Lore Hatch (Gretl), Darren Matthias (Franz), Austin Colby (Rolf Gruber), Donna Garner (Frau Schmidt), Robert Mammana (Herr Zeller), Christopher Carl (Admiral von Schreiber)

NOTES: This tour remains strong and bright. Kerstin continue to leads a strong cast and the children are superstars. An excellent capture with no blackouts, no washout, and no obstructions. It is filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent and includes curtain call.