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Wicked (5) 1 audio 4 videos

Wicked - Broadway - January, 2020 (StarCuffedJeans's master)
FORMAT: MP4 (HD)   |   NFT:

CAST: Jennifer DiNoia (s/b Elphaba), Ginna Claire Mason (Glinda), Jake Boyd (Fiyero), Michael McCormick (The Wizard), Alexandra Billings (Madame Morrible), Shoba Narayan (Nessarose), Riley Costello (Boq), Michael X Martin (Doctor Dillamond), Chase Madigan (Chistery), Christianne Tisdale (Midwife), Courtney Iventosch (Witch's Mother)

NOTES: Amazing Capture of Jennifer as Elphaba

Wicked - Broadway - September, 2019 (StarCuffedJeans's master) video

CAST: Hannah Corneau (Elphaba), Brittney Johnson (s/b Glinda), Kyle Dean Massey (t/r Fiyero), Michael McCormick (The Wizard), Nancy Opel (Madame Morrible), Gizel Jimenez (Nessarose), Jesse JP Johnson (Boq), Jamie Jackson (Doctor Dillamond), Chase Madigan (Chistery), Christianne Tisdale (Midwife), Courtney Iventosch (Witch's Mother)

NOTES: Excellent HD capture of Broadway's first Black Glinda and the first Elphaba to have never played the role before in over half a decade! A very Elphaba and Glinda-centric video, it's filmed from the left orchestra with a mix of wides, mediums, and many closeups, with occasional dropouts due to ushers. Please do not post screenshots of this video on Twitter ever. Gifs on Tumblr are okay after the NFT date, but don’t go linking things to actors and shows.

Wicked - West End - 2006
FORMAT: VOB (no smalls) (SD) TRADER'S NOTES: Also contains mp4 and mpeg reencoded if you would like a smaller file size :)

CAST: Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Helen Dallimore (Glinda), Adam Garcia (Fiyero)

NOTES: Notes: Conductor's cam. It is definitely Idina & Hellen in the video, but I don't know the rest of the cast.

Wicked - West End - April 7, 2010 (Matinee) audio

CAST: Rachel Tucker (Elphaba), Louise Dearman (Glinda), Lewis Bradley (t/r Fiyero), Clive Carter (The Wizard), Julie Legrand (Madame Morrible), Cassandra Compton (Nessarose), George Ure (Boq), Julian Forsyth (Doctor Dillamond)

Wicked - West End - November, 2019 (queenofthedead's master) video

CAST: Laura Pick (s/b Elphaba), Helen Woolf (Glinda), Michael Colbourne (u/s Fiyero), Andy Hockley (The Wizard), Genevieve Taylor (u/s Madame Morrible), Natasha Ferguson (t/r Nessarose), Idriss Kargbo (Boq), Simeon Truby (Doctor Dillamond), Tonye Scott Obene (Chistery), Rebecca Botterill (Midwife), Lucie Horsfall (Witch's Mother), Rhidian Marc (Witch's Father / Ozian Official)

NOTES: No heads, only obstruction is a bar that does sometimes block action at the bottom of the stage. 15.7GB in MTS files. Do not list with the specific date, the master has asked for the video to be listed with just the month.